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Choosing the Right Yacht For Your Needs

On the Market for Your First Yacht? Here are 10 Things to Ask Yourself There are a lot of different types of yachts out there. Here’s how to narrow down the selection and find the right yacht for you. While it’s tempting to go off things like looks and speed alone, there’s plenty more that […]

Different Types of Fishing Lures

An Introduction to the Best Lures for Catching Fish in BC If you’re thinking about finally doing some fishing aboard your boat for the first time, check out our guide to the different types of lures there are to choose from, and how they work. The lures on this list are suitable for many different […]

2020 Riviera 505 SUV

The Riviera 505 SUV is set to Premiere in February 2020 Within the yachting community, Riviera is having quite a moment these days. Earlier this year, the luxury yacht builder announced dates for its upcoming 64 Sport Motor Yacht debut as well as launched its new Platinum Edition Sport Yacht line. They are also gearing […]

Kinds of Shellfish in BC Waters

The Most Common Types of Shellfish in British Columbia Waters With so many species of fish living in BC waters, there is something to fish for at practically anytime of year, including many types of shellfish. In our previous posts covering all the different kinds of fish in BC waters, we’ve touched on the highly […]

Riviera Platinum Edition Sport Yachts Now Available

Riviera’s 6000, 5400, and 4800 Sport Yacht models have all been elevated to Platinum Edition status. Earlier this year, Riviera – Australia’s premium luxury motor yacht builder – unveiled its stunningly gorgeous Platinum Edition Sport Yachts. The range includes the newly upgraded 6000, 5400, and 4800 Sport Yacht models. Each yacht is a shining example […]

Wildlife of Vancouver Island

Types of Wild Animals on Vancouver Island Between the months of May and October, Vancouver Island comes alive with wildlife sightings. From land animals such as bears, cougars, and deer, to marine animals like whales, otters, and salmon, Vancouver Island is bursting with wildlife. Here are some of the different types of wildlife living on […]

Pursuit Boats Dealer for Western Canada

Van Isle Marina is now the Western Canada Exclusive Dealer for Pursuit Boats. At Van Isle Marina, we are constantly adding to our inventory of highly desirable, dependable, luxury yachts and quality boats. In addition to our wide selection of pre-owned boats and Riviera yachts for sale, we are extremely excited to announce we are the […]

Kinds of Groundfish in BC Waters

The Most Common Types of Groundfish in British Columbia Waters With so many species of fish living in BC waters, there is something to fish for at practically any time of year. In addition to the highly sought-after pacific salmon and freshwater trout, another extremely popular type of fish that draws anglers to our region […]