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Kinds of Salmon in BC

The 5 Types of Pacific Salmon in British Columbia Waters With so many species of fish to fish for in BC waters, there is something to catch at practically any time of the year. One of the most popular fish that draws anglers to our region is salmon. You’ll find this post on the different […]

Boat Access Only Tourist Spots

Best Boat Only Destinations Around Vancouver Island Who doesn’t love the beauty and serenity that a secluded beach, only accessible by boat, provides? At Van Isle Marina, we love spending days or weeks at a time aboard our boats exploring the Pacific Northwest, particularly the many islands and coves around Vancouver Island. Sometimes, the best […]

Anchor Types – Part 1

Different Types of Anchors Learn about the different styles of anchors and how to select the right anchor for your motor yacht Knowing how to anchor your boat when necessary is an essential boating skill. In part one of our two-part post on anchoring, we share an introduction to selecting the right anchor for your […]

Types of Fishing Lines

Different Types of Fishing Lines and Their Uses An overview of the different types of fishing lines and how to select the right line for the right fish At Van Isle Marina, we know using the right fishing line for specific fishing conditions is an essential part of catching fish! All anglers must learn this […]

Buying a Pre-Owned Yacht

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying a Used Boat Learn the steps involved when purchasing a pre-owned yacht or boat through a yacht broker. If you’re in the market for a new boat and are looking to keep the costs down, the best place to start is pre-owned boats. From the yacht brokers at Van Isle […]

Vancouver Island Summer Festivals

17 Must See Summer Festivals on Vancouver Island At Van Isle Marina, our staff always look forward to festival season – from all the music and marine festivals, to the food, beverage, and sporting festivals, there is always a lot happening on Vancouver Island from May to September. Check out 17 of our favourites, highlighted […]

Sailing Essentials

Important Items to Bring on Your Boat Packing for a boating trip is not unlike packing for an airplane ride. It begins with creating a list, packing your bags, and then anxiously hoping you haven’t forgotten anything! If you’re new to boating, use our list below as a starting point, noting that the items you’ll […]

Baitcast vs Spin Reels

When to Use Which Fishing Reel Type In addition to the various types of fishing there are to choose from, there are also various styles of casting methods anglers use. By far the two most common casting methods for fishing off a boat or yacht are spin casting and baitcasting – both terms relate to the […]

2019 BC Boat Show is Here

Come See Us at the 2019 BC Boat Show Don’t miss out on the 2019 BC Boat Show, the largest in-the-water boat show on the West Coast! The 29th annual BC Boat Show happening May 2-5, 2019 at Port Sidney Marina in Sidney BC is just days away, and we here at Van Isle Marina […]