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Boating Terms & Terminology

A Glossary of Yachting Lingo   Whether you’ve got a solid pair of sea legs or are brand new to the boating life, you probably know that yachting and boating comes with its own language. Boating terms go back centuries and a lot of sailing vocabulary has been adopted as commonly used idioms in our […]

Prepping for Long Boat Trips

Tips & Tricks for Setting Sail for Weeks or Months at a Time   In times like these, when the world is encouraging you to stay safe, there is no reason staying safe cannot mean setting sail and living on your boat for awhile. After all, we see an extended boating trip as the perfect […]

Easy and Delicious Crab Cake Recipes

A Short History of the Crab Cake   First called crab patties or crab croquettes in the 19th century, crab cakes were another take on minced meat patties. Thanks to a plentiful supply, some North American pubs actually gave fresh crab away to patrons, prior to the Second World War. The crab cake was created […]

Renovating an Older Yacht

Thinking About Renovating a Yacht as a Hobby Project? Here’s What to Expect   There are many different scenarios that might see you one day staring down a decades-old boat on land from bow to stern, wondering, “Where do I even start?” Perhaps you’ve recently bought a pre-owned boat and are looking to make it […]

Family Boating Activities

How to Keep Everyone Entertained on the Yacht On today’s modern luxury yachts, there is no shortage of fun things to do with the family. We know you know the typical activities that keep everyone occupied, like swimming, fishing, floaties, and mealtimes. But what about the rest of the time? Especially if you’re planning on […]

An Overview of Pursuit Offshore Boats

Meet the Models that Make Up Pursuit’s Purpose-Built Offshore Collection   Van Isle Marina is proud to be the exclusive western Canada dealer for Pursuit Boats. Currently at our sales dock, we have two Pursuit models, the OS325 and the OS355, ready for viewing. Considering a Pursuit Boat for your next adventure? You can’t go […]

8 Great One-Dish Dinners

Simplify Your Dinners on the Yacht with These One-Dish Meal Ideas Food is such an important part of any type of boat trip and depending on how long you’ll be out at sea, this typically means some type of meal preparation and on-board cooking is involved. Although many of today’s modern luxury vessels come equipped […]

Yachting with Your Dog

Want to Bring Your Pets with You on Your Boat? Here’s What You Need to Know Because dogs are such a big part of many of our clients’ lives, we thought it was time to cover the topic of yachting with pets, especially if you’ll be spending longer periods of time on your boat to […]

Boating with Family

Planning on a Family Vacation out on the Water? Keep These 11 Tips in Mind The weather is warming up out there, and we know many, many happy boaters who are eager to be heading out on the water with their families to mark the official start of boating season. A family boating vacation is […]