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Kinds of Trout in BC Waters

Types of Trout You’ll Find in Waters Around British Columbia With so many species of fish to fish for in BC waters, there is something to catch at practically anytime of year. In addition to pacific salmon, another extremely popular fish that draws anglers to our region is trout. You’ll find this post on the […]

Basics of Marine Navigation

Marine Navigation Basics – How to Navigate a Boat Whether your watercraft of choice is a speedboat, yacht, or something in between, knowing the basics of marine navigation is absolutely essential when you’re spending time on the water. Below is Van Isle Marina staff’s quick guide to the basics of navigation. We’ve included some short […]

Vancouver Island Caves

Exploring the Caves of Vancouver Island You might be surprised to learn that caves are everywhere on Vancouver Island, ranging from barely accessible fractures leading to extensive underground networks, to the well-known caves in Horne Lake Provincial Park. Because Vancouver Island is partially formed out of karst limestone, a unique topography that results in caverns, […]

Dinghy / Tender Yacht Safety Tips

All You Need to Know About Your Yacht’s Dinghy / Tender At Van Isle Marina, many of the yachts we list for sale have tender (aka dinghy) garages or tender storage options onboard so we felt it was time to post an overview about tender safety and general usage of your vessel’s service boat. What […]

Vancouver Island Flora

Flowers, Plants, and Trees on Vancouver Island As you cruise around Vancouver Island and the neighbouring Gulf Islands of Canada’s west coast, you won’t be able to ignore the beautiful array of plant life surrounding you. Vancouver Island is a naturalist’s dream, with so many different types of flowers, plants, and trees growing from the rugged […]

Riviera Yacht Owner Spotlight

Riviera Yacht Owners Sandy and Beth Seney — As Western Canada’s exclusive authorized dealer of Riviera Australia motor yachts, we at Van Isle Marina are here to help you find the best Rivera model to meet your needs, just like we helped Sandy and Beth Seney, who were recently featured in Experience, Riviera’s digital magazine.

Kinds of Salmon in BC

The 5 Types of Pacific Salmon in British Columbia Waters With so many species of fish to fish for in BC waters, there is something to catch at practically any time of the year. One of the most popular fish that draws anglers to our region is salmon. You’ll find this post on the different […]

Boat Access Only Tourist Spots

Best Boat Only Destinations Around Vancouver Island Who doesn’t love the beauty and serenity that a secluded beach, only accessible by boat, provides? At Van Isle Marina, we love spending days or weeks at a time aboard our boats exploring the Pacific Northwest, particularly the many islands and coves around Vancouver Island. Sometimes, the best […]