Riviera Fishing Tournament Winners

A great fishing experience is the best way to describe the seventh annual Riviera Fishing Tournament held at Ucluelet on August 4th – 8th, 2010.  Fifteen Riviera boats entered into the tournament hosted by Van Isle Marina and Emerald Pacific Yacht Sales.

Top winner was Van Isle moorage customer and 34′ Riviera owner Paul Wiggins with his wife, Karen, whose fish weighed in at 41.7 lbs which netted them a grand total
of $4,500 made up of a “Daily” $1,500 and a $3,000 contribution from Riviera Australia.

Second place winner for $1,500, plus “The Daily”, was Dan Sarkesian in “Footloose II” with a 38.6 lb Chinook.

Third place was “Hae Dal” owned by Joe Nessel who netted $500 for a 37.1 pounder.

Other “Daily” winners were Joe and Kirsten Peterson in “Gunk” and Don and Mary Ball who only last week took delivery of their brand new 45-foot Riviera, “Sea Bum”.

This year the tournament was held out of the Small Craft Harbour Marina in Ucluelet and this was the first time ever that reserved visitor moorage was permitted, let alone a while dock being set aside to accommodate our Riviera fleet.  Sincere appreciation is extended to the Town of Ucluelet and Riviera Australia for their support of the tournament.

Grand Prize Winner Paul Wiggins

West Coast Yacht Systems