Spring Checklist: Electrical System & Components

Van Isle Marina Yacht Sales

The weather is improving and more people are getting out on the water.  Make sure you perform your Spring Checklist to ensure a safe boating season.  Here are some helpful tips for checking your electrical system and components:

  • Check battery water level
  • Check/recharge batteries
  • Check terminals for corrosion, clean, and lubricate
  • Check bonding system
  • Inspect all wiring for wear and chafe
  • Test all gauges for operability
  • Check shore power and charger
  • Check for spare fuses
  • Check all lighting fixtures (including navigation lights) and make sure you have spare bulbs
  • Check all electronics for proper operation
  • Inspect antennas

Please consult your boat’s operating manual before conducting any suggested actions.

Other useful sites that provide complete Spring Checklists:

To help with your spring checklist activities, contact our Yacht Park to book a full or half haul-out depending on your needs.  Half haul-outs are convenient for inspections and surveys that should be performed regularly.  Our Haul-out Video is an excellent introduction to the haul-out process and is available for viewing.

Please contact our Marina Services Representatives to book your appointment today at 250-656-1138.

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