Choosing the Right Boat

Choosing the Right Boat

What to Consider When Buying a Boat


Owning a boat opens up a whole new world of on-water adventure for you and your family. Buying a boat is a major decision but one you won’t regret if you choose the right one.

Whether you are looking to buy for the first time or upgrade your current model, there are a number of considerations that you can use to help you find the perfect boat.

5 Key Things to Consider When Buying a Boat

  1. What type of boat meets my needs?What type of boat fits my needs

There are so many different types of boats to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Thinking about what you want to do in your boat and who you’re going to be doing it with is a great starting point.

What activities do I want to do? Are you looking for a boat to take deep-sea fishing? Do you want to cruise the coastline for a multi-day sightseeing trip or is your aim to have fun in the lake pulling wakeboarders and skiers? Each activity requires a different type of vessel, engine and equipment.

What size is right? A bigger boat is likely to have more features and facilities, but it will cost more to buy, run and store. If you are a first-time buyer, test drive a few different sized boats to see which you are most comfortable operating. 

Which engine type and horsepower option is right? There are a number of different engine types available including:

  • Outboard Motors
  • Gas Sterndrives
  • Diesel inboards
  • Water jet propulsion

The type you choose will influence how the vessel drives, steering and stability, noise and pollution, storage, wear and tear and more. Consider an engine with a horsepower capacity close to the maximum for the boat to ensure it is able to perform in all conditions.

Where will I use and store the boat? Are you planning to be out in the deep ocean where you are at the mercy of incoming weather systems? Then consider a cab where you can get some protection. If you want to store your boat at home, you will need to choose a style and size that can be trailered.

  1. Should I buy a new or used boat?Should I buy new or used

The decision to buy new or used will depend on your budget, taste and whether you are willing to make cosmetic and mechanical upgrades if necessary. 

Benefits of a new boat include:

  • Getting exactly what you want
  • Benefiting from the latest technologies
  • A warranty to cover any issues

Benefits of a used boat include:

  • Getting more boat for your money compared to new
  • The ability to research the make, model and get real reviews before deciding
  • With a marine survey you can find out the condition and history of the vessel

This used boat buying checklist is a helpful starting point if you choose to buy second-hand.

  1. Where should I buy my boat from?Where Should I buy my boat from

When looking for a new boat, you have a number of options of where to shop.

  • Boat Shows – If you are able to attend a boat show, you have the benefit of being able to see the models in person and there are usually special deals if you buy at the event. The downside is that you usually have to make a quick decision to get the bargain.
  • Dealers – Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a dealer who can advise which models and features will best suit your needs. Dealers are able to assist with warranty coverage and services too.
  • Private sales – This is an option for more experienced boaters with the confidence to inspect and identify any issues with a vessel as private sales cannot be returned and have no warranty.

Always go out on a test drive if you can. Use the opportunity to check the boat’s facilities, equipment and handling.

  1. What is my budget?What is my budget for a boat

Your budget for your boat purchase will undoubtedly have an impact on which vessel you end up buying. Additional and ongoing costs which you should be aware of before buying include:

  • Insurance – theft, damage and loss insurance 
  • Registration fees – if required for your vessel
  • Storage – purchase of a trailer or annual moorage / dry-storage fees. View Van Isle Marina’s storage fees here for an idea of the monthly or annual cost
  • Equipment and accessories – Personal safety gear, upgraded GPS, sports fishing gear – the required and desired extras can add up
  • Maintenance and repair – likely to be higher if you have a second hand boat with no warranty
  • Fuel / operating costs – fuel is likely to be your biggest ongoing cost depending on how far and how often you go out and how fuel efficient your engine is.

View Van Isle Marina’s 10 costs you must know before buying a boat guide for more information.

  1. What are the requirements of boat ownership and operation?What are the requirements of boat ownership

If you are buying a boat for the first time, make sure you educate yourself regarding the documents the federal government of Canada requires for boat ownership and operation. These include:

  • Pleasure Craft Licence – serves as ID for the vessel
  • Pleasure Craft Operators Card – an accredited online course and test is available 

Make sure you read and understand the Safe Boating Guide for information on operating vessels in Canadian waters, boating safety requirements and trip planning.

Buy Your Next Boat with the Support of Van Isle Marina’s Dealership Experts

Van Isle Marina’s highly experienced yacht sales team are keen to match buyers to the boat that is right for them.

As exclusive dealers for Pursuit Boats, buyers can discuss the many models with our sales team. We also act as broker for private sales, providing more options for our buyers.

Contact us today to set up a meeting with our sales team and start the search for your perfect boat.

Once you’ve found the yacht of your dreams, check out our moorage and storage options and all the other amazing facilities our state of the art marina offers.


Used Boat Buying Checklist

Looking for a Pre-Owned Boat?
Give it a Thorough Inspection Before You Buy


Purchasing a used boat can save you lots of money, when done right. A lightly used boat that’s been treated with kid gloves can be an absolute steal and provide you and your family with many happy years on the water. If the seller is upgrading, they might even throw in PFD’s, seat cushions, the cover and fishing / watersports equipment. Buying a used boat is also an excellent way to get your sea legs established without the sticker price of a brand-new vessel.

When shopping around for a used boat, there are many things to take into consideration. It can be intimidating, particularly if you’re brand new to boating. First, consider what type of powerboat you envision yourself in. Are you most excited for watersports, or relaxed weekends cruising the coast? Do you want to entertain friends and family or enjoy secluded getaways? Will you keep it moored or haul-out at the end of every season? To keep you focused on your search, decide early on what type and size of boat works with your lifestyle.

Once you’ve found a few boats you’d like to take a closer look at, or what you suspect is “the one”, take out our used boat buying checklist and start checking off the boxes. Together, we’ll make sure you’re completely confident about your new-to-you boat!


Go for a well-known brand but avoid models that seem to be prominent on the used sales scene. This could indicate an issue with the model that you don’t want to inherit.

boat buying checklist - check interior / exterior

  • Does the brand have a good reputation?
  • Does the model have a good reputation?
  • Check reviews
  • Ask other owners for their feedback



Knowing the history of the individual boat is helpful in knowing where any dings or scrapes / larger issues may have come from

  • Any recalls?
  • Any known issues?
  • Has the boat been in any accidents?


The engine can be one of the most expensive parts of a boat, so take your time and really make sure it’s in good working order. A test drive will really give you a sense of how the boat handles.

  • Inboard or outboard motor
  • How many motors
  • Check engine hatch for breathability
  • Motor starts smoothly
  • Check engine insulation
  • Check for any leaks
  • Check age of engines
  • Look for any smoke
  • Check transmission
  • Check levers on every seacock
  • Check raw water intake and strainer



All electronics should be in good condition and working well. If there’s a short or any indication of issues with the electronics, the electrical should be thoroughly inspected

  • Review owner’s manual
  • Check battery for damage or corrosion
  • Check interior and exterior lights
  • Check navigational equipment (GPS)
  • Check electrical box
  • Check HVAC or Air Conditioner for effective cooling and heating
  • Check appliances
  • Check all wiring and connections
  • Check for corrosion or signs of damage
  • Test the generator on full tilt for 30 minutes
  • Do a final test of all electronics on board


Exterior Condition

Beyond the aesthetics of the boat, the exterior condition can tell you a lot about how well this boat has been treated and the potential for bigger problems down the line. Check the boat over with the hull lifted out of the water so you can see below the waterline.

  • Check the fibreglass/laminate for any hollow sounds when tapped
  • Check for scratches and cracks
  • Check for cracks or damage around fittings
  • Check for any damage on and around hatches
  • Check condition of handrails
  • Check to make sure cleats are secure and in good shape
  • Check for any rust
  • Check the condition of the deck
  • Check the condition of the hull
  • Look for bubbling in the paint
  • Check the condition of the zinc anodes
  • Check the bearings of the rudder
  • Check the overall rudder
  • Check seating and upholstery for any mold / mildew / tears
  • Check the helm for any damages
  • Check the steering wheel


Interior Condition

The interior of the boat will be your home away from home, so you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable and in good shape. You’ll also want to make sure it’s free of any issues with plumbing and electricity.

  • Check the condition of lockers
  • Check the condition of trims, stairs, flooring
  • Check for damage to doors and portholes
  • Check lights and switches
  • Check TV, speakers and any other extras
  • Check toilet, sink and shower for water pressure and quality
  • Check appliances for interior or exterior damage
  • Check to ensure that appliances are bolted and mounted
  • Check for leaks in fridge
  • Check temperature in fridge / freezer
  • Test all appliances to make sure they work


Safety Equipment

The bilge pump, fire extinguisher, anchor and chains should all be in good working order.  Even if you plan on replacing most of the safety supplies, it’s a good idea to look through the existing ones to get a feel for how the current owners have cared for the boat and its components.

  • Check expiration date of fire extinguisherboat buying checklist - check marine radio
  • Check bilge pump
  • Check condition of life jackets and any expiry dates
  • Check oars and any other manual propulsion tools
  • Check the flares
  • Check to see if the marine radio is working
  • Check condition of heaving line and lifebuoy(s)
  • Check condition of first aid kit


Owner’s Manual and Legal Documents

Look through the owner’s manual and legal documents so you have the exact specs and features list with you. You can either print it off yourself or ask the current owner to provide one.

  • Check the bill of sale or sales documentation
  • Check insurance papers
  • Check for any outstanding money owed
  • Check that the engine hours and KM match what’s on the sales contract
  • Check for any warranty information


During the sale of a boat, once a price has been agreed upon by the buyer and seller, the boat will then have a marine survey and mechanical inspection performed as part of the condition of the sale. This means that many of the buying a used boat checklist items above will be checked off by a professional and you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality yacht. The cost for these inspections, however, are paid for by the buyer.

Once you’re sure you’re found the boat for you, be sure to review our post on the ins and outs of buying a used yacht. This will cover everything from the sales process to the storage of your new vessel, for a worry-free purchase experience.

Is this the year you’re making the leap to boating? Looking for that perfect used boat? Come and talk to us at Van Isle Marina. We have a fantastic selection of new and pre-loved yachts and cruisers to choose from, as well as a wide variety of new world-class Pursuit Boats. Browse our new and used listings, then contact our expert yacht broker, to find the boat you’ve always dreamed of.

yachts - center vs dual console

Dual Console Vs. Center Console Boats

How to Choose Between a Center Console Boat and Dual Console Boat

Whether to choose a center console layout or dual console layout is a common decision when purchasing a new boat.  The console design you’re going to be happiest with is ultimately going to be the one that suits what you want to get out of your boat.

Maybe you’re an avid fisherperson who is willing to trade a middle aisle and more seating for a larger helm with more space for custom electronics. Maybe you need a boat with seating and lounging zones to really entertain with class. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing which type of powerboat and which type of console will be best for the type of adventures you want to have.

What Is a Center Console Boat?yacht with center console_victoria bc

A center console has a single console that contains the helm, the Captain’s chair and usually one or more passenger seats. The amount of seating inside the center console will depend on the model and size of boat you buy.

Generally, a center console boat is designed for the more serious anglers who need to be able to move around the perimeter of the boat in a hurry. There’s no center aisle, so you can keep hold of the whopping halibut (check out some great halibut recipes here). You also get more raised deck space and work area with a center console boat, which many anglers prefer.

A smaller center console boat under 20 feet long will usually have up to two seats for the skipper/captain/whatever term you prefer to go by, while a larger boat 20 feet and longer might be built with a whole bench seat and entertainment area, complete with grill, sink, storage and more.

A center console is a bit like that pickup truck that you’d use to go hunting but wouldn’t necessarily take into the city. Just like that Supercab or Crew Cab with heated seats, moon roof, and LED screen. Today’s center console models have also evolved to include a whole host of luxury features as well. They’re no longer just bare-bones utilitarian models meant for angling and not much else, but that’s what single consoles were designed for and what they excel at.

What Is a Dual Console Boat?yacht with dual console victoria bc

A dual console boat has two consoles. One houses the helm and the other is for passengers who want to get out of the elements without going into the cabin. This gives the driver his or her own space to do their thing in the cockpit, while passengers have their own separate area to hang out.

The dual consoles create a walking path. This lets boaters easily access the bow and stern seating areas without needing to go all the way around the boat. This layout also means more options for dry storage. With more room for storage of food, supplies and other gear, it’s easier to enjoy longer trips.

With more seating and more storage, as well as two covered areas for passenger and driver, a dual console is ideal for family fun on the water.  

Going with the vehicle analogy once again, a dual console is like the luxury minivan or SUV of the boat world – they’re loaded with features! You’ve got your multiple rows of seating, screens for the kiddies, tons of integrated storage, keyless access, and the cool sliding door that opens with a tap of your foot. Here, comfort is the highest priority, even though you might load it up with camping gear or drive it to your favourite hiking spot.

What Are the Pros of a Center Console Boat?

  • Usually, a larger helm panel with more room for additional electronics and devices
  • More deck space for baiting tackle and working with your catch
  • Fewer obstructions along the rails make it more convenient for anglersboat with center console
  • Ideal for watersports
  • Driver can have more privacy at the wheel

What Are the Pros of a Dual Console Boat?

  • Typically larger than center console
  • More entertainment and lounging spaces, like forward seating and convertible transom seating
  • More dry storage space
  • Best for leisure and group boating
  • Offers greater weather and spray protection with a wraparound windshield
  • Hardtop can cover the width of the boat to provide shade
  • Passengers can remain on deck and away from the elements in second console

What Are the Cons of a Center Console Boat?

  • Less weather protection
  • There’s more deck space but less storage
  • Tend to be smaller than dual console models
  • Helm is usually smaller on a center console model
  • Canopied console may not do as well in inclement weather

What Are the Cons of a Dual Console Boat?

  • Deck space is usually sacrificed for extra seating
  • Can move from bow to stern using the walkway, but can’t move around the perimeter
  • Less room to stow rods and gear under the gunwales
  • Less convenient for fishing

When Choosing Between Center or Dual Console, Think Pursuit Boats

After reading this, you probably have a good idea of whether a center or a dual console boat will fit your lifestyle the best. You can also read our blog post on choosing the right yacht for your needs.

The next step is to see the difference for yourself by viewing our range of watercraft in person! Seeing and touring the boats you’re most interested in will help you narrow your choices down.

At Van Isle Marina, we are the proud and exclusive dealer of Pursuit Boats right here on BC’s West Coast. We offer a spectacular collection of dual and single console vessels, designed to match your fishing, entertaining and cruising goals to a T. From the 26’ long C260 center console to the 37’ 11” D365 dual console model, there’s something to suit all needs. Made in the USA with the highest quality and dependability. One of these feature-packed Pursuits will be exactly right for you and whoever you love to spend time with on the water.

Ready to take the plunge? Come visit our team of dedicated brokers at Van Isle Marina. Located in beautiful Sidney, BC, we offer a wide range of luxurious new and used yachts and boats in addition to the complete line of Pursuit models. Call or email today to find the perfect fit for your boating needs.


An Overview of Pursuit Offshore Boats

Meet the Models that Make Up Pursuit’s Purpose-Built Offshore Collection


Van Isle Marina is proud to be the exclusive western Canada dealer for Pursuit Boats. Currently at our sales dock, we have two Pursuit models, the OS325 and the OS355, ready for viewing.

Pursuit Boats - OS355 interiorConsidering a Pursuit Boat for your next adventure? You can’t go wrong with any selection from the company’s award-winning Offshore Collection. Pursuit offers three great offshore models to choose from, whether you’re looking for deep water cruising or fishing, a week-long getaway on the water, or day trips with the family.

Choose from the impressive, stylish, and reliable OS325OS355, or OS385 – any one of which will feel like a luxury yacht with its high-end finishes, creative layouts, numerous amenities, and gorgeous design. Keep reading to learn more about each of the models in Pursuit’s award-winning Offshore Collection.

Key Features of Every Offshore Model


Like every Pursuit boat, each Offshore model features a hand-laminated hull and moulded hull side frameless tempered glass windows, with your choice of hull, helm, boot stripe, and interior colour packages. The boarding ladder is moulded into the hull for a seamless look. Each boat comes with an anchoring system, bow thruster, and dedicated transducer location.


Helm Station

With every Offshore model you’ll also enjoy the year-round climate-controlled comfort of your enclosed, hardtop helm station and custom windshield system with optically clear laminated windshield glass, tempered side glass, and electrically actuated center vent window.


Fishing Features

Each Offshore model is also perfectly suitable for fishing, with several rod holders, fish boxes, live wells, tackle box storage space, and cabin rod storage space. Exact fishing features are specific to each model.


UpholsteryPursuit Boats - OS325 interior

The upholstered seating of every Pursuit model comes with Dri-Fast foam and mesh backing that allows seating and cushions to drain completely.



Enjoy your cabin’s JL Audio System, LED TV, LED lighting throughout, and stainless-steel hardware. Each Pursuit Offshore boat also features the amazing space-saving, electrically actuated, custom-designed V-berth seating area with fixed cushions and a pop-up dinette that converts into a double or queen size berth.



Pursuit Boats - OS385 interior

Each impressively sized galley in the Offshore collection comes with Corian countertops, a moulded sink, smart storage space, maple cabinets, a stainless-steel refrigerator and microwave, and a glass cooktop. The OS385 comes with a freezer, larger fridge, and additional, L-shaped counter space.



The head on board each Offshore model is equally as luxurious with its glass bowl sink with Corian countertop, vanity mirror, and pullout shower wand. The OS355 and OS385 both have a full-length mirror, and the OS385 has the addition of a moulded fibreglass shower seat, acrylic shower door, and more storage.


Entertainment CentrePursuit Boats - OS385 cockpit

In the cockpit of each model there is a perfectly placed entertainment centre that allows you to keep the party going outside with an additional sink, cutting board/prep space, dedicated storage, 120V outlet, and an optional grill top for more cooking options. The OS355 and OS385 have a bonus fridge added to this area.



The designers and developers of Pursuit Boats have added plenty of key safety features onboard as well, including fire extinguishers, CO monitors, grab rails, and anti-slip cockpit flooring, just to name a few. The OS385 also has a fire suppression system for added peace of mind.


Pursuit OS325Pursuit Boats - OS325

At 34 feet in length with a beam of 10 ft 10 in, the Pursuit OS325 may be the smallest model of the Offshore Collection, sleeping two overnight guests, but she is every bit as stylish and comes with many of the finely engineered features of her bigger sisters, including rich hardwood and stainless steel finishing touches. Comes with a 19” LED TV and 24-gallon recirculating livewell for your daily catch.

The OS325 is powered via twin Yamaha F300 engines that allow for comfortable cruising speeds of around 30 mph. The fuel tank capacity of 370 gallons, while the water tank capacity is 30 gallons.

This model is available now at our sales dock.

Pursuit OS355Pursuit Boats - OS355

The Pursuit OS355 is the mid-size model in the Offshore Collection, at 38 feet in length with a 12 ft beam, and is powered via standard triple Yamaha F300s to give you an extra boost in cruising speeds. Or, like the model available now at our sales dock, you can swap those engines out for twin Yamaha XTO Offshore 425 hp 5.6 L V8 four stroke engines. The fuel tank capacity is 388 gallons, while the water tank capacity is 50 gallons.

The Pursuit OS355 has slightly more seating and storage than the OS325, and a more sizeable galley. The LED TV and live well are also larger, at 24” and 28-gallon respectively. The OS355 sleeps up to 4 guests.

Learn more about the OS355, available now at our sales dock.


Pursuit OS 385 OffshorePursuit Boats - OS385

The Pursuit OS385 is the largest of the three models in the Pursuit Offshore fleet. Just shy of 40 feet in length with four single berths, this boat is powered via high-performance, dependable, triple Yamaha F350s – complete with a joystick control bow thruster – for top cruising speeds of 54 mph. It has a fuel tank capacity of 370 gallons, while the water tank capacity is 65 gallons.

Enjoy all the comforts of home, luxury interior appointments, 360-degree water views, and an abundance of storage space. You’ll love your air-conditioned cabin with thicker berth mattress and a 32” LED TV. This model also comes with an impressive 50-gallon recirculating live well for the serious fisherman on board. The more expansive cockpit and roomier interior below with mid-berth settee, are thanks to her 13-foot beam. Choose from two available floor plans for below the deck.


The Pursuit Protection Plan

All Pursuit Boats come with the Pursuit Protection Plan, which give owners peace of mind with a:

  • 5-year hull/deck structural warranty
  • 5-year blister-free warranty
  • 2-year limited warranty

Pursuit Boats are purpose built, and that’s exactly what you get when you’re considering a model from the company’s Offshore Collection. Every Pursuit Boat is designed and manufactured in the United States. Along with the abovementioned Offshore models, Pursuit also has impressive Dual Console, Centre Console, and Sport collections, which are all available in the Pacific Northwest through Van Isle Marina. We have the OS325 and OS355 at our sales dock right now, so come visit us to see them for yourself to try each one on for size.


We are proud to be the region’s exclusive dealer of Pursuit Boats and look forward to introducing you to them in person soon. Contact us at 250-656-1138 or to learn more.

Introducing the 2020 Pursuit DC 295

Check out the new Pursuit Dual Console 295,
now Available at the Van Isle Marina Sales Dock

The 2020 Pursuit DC 295 is the latest Pursuit power boat model to arrive at the Van Isle Marina sales dock, and we are already so Pursuit DC 295 - full front viewimpressed with how much interest she has received! Our sales team got the chance to show this award-winning vessel at the 2020 Vancouver International Boat Show in Vancouver to large crowds of boating enthusiasts. It was clear from everyone’s reaction that the Pursuit DC 295 is the perfect vessel for anyone who is:

  • looking to make their first power boat purchase;
  • looking to add a small day tripper to their existing fleet; or
  • looking to downsize from a yacht to something smaller

The DC 295 is a mid-size model in Pursuit’s Dual Console Collection, joining the DC 365,  DC 326, DC 325, DC 266, and DC 235. Pursuit’s dual consoles have won multiple awards in their category for their style, superior design, performance, and amenities. Each dual console from Pursuit features an open layout and convertible features, allowing for enough space for swimming, fishing, diving, and entertaining.

The Pursuit DC 295 has an overall length of 31’ 9” and is powered via twin Yamaha F300 engines. Let’s check out everything else the DC 295 has to offer. Here is a summary of all the key features of the Pursuit Dual Console 295 that we have for sale at our dock.

Take a look and then come and see for yourself!

Integrated Hardtop & Windshield

This vessel’s integrated hard top and impeccable windshield system are part of what helped Pursuit win design awards. The moulded fibreglass hardtop shelters each of the consoles and comes with an integrated visor, powder-coated art structural supports, 4 rod holders, 4 tri-colour LED lights, fore and aft spreader lights, stainless steel underside grab rails, and integrated stereo speakers. This vessel also comes with Stamoid w Makrolon upgraded standard side curtains and a drop curtain with 60 mil white strataglass.

Also enjoy your stainless steel ratcheting anchor/stern light and your hardtop’s dedicated radar, antenna and outrigger locations. Everything is integrated flawlessly with a custom windshield system featuring crystal clear tempered glass, an articulating centre vent, and a windshield wiper and washer.


The Pursuit DC 295 features a hand-laminated hull with vinyl ester resin, foam-filled structural grid, patented transom reinforcement grid, infused fibreglass structural grid system, and a Fresh White gelcoat. Additional features of the hull include the bronze Garboard drain, auto-retract trim tabs, stainless steel bow eye and stern eyes, integrated transom platform extensions and a 4-step telescopic boarding ladder. The feature set continues with an electric horn, dedicated transducer location, forward hull compartmentation with a 1,100-gph bilge pump and automatic float switch as well as three all-colour Sea Blaze Quattro Spectrum underwater lights.


The open cockpit of our Pursuit DC 295 offers up plenty of seating, including a folding transom seat with patented adjusting backrest, a captain’s chair with foldable armrests, a port-side aft facing seat and armrest, a port-side companion seat, forwardPursuit DC 295 - cockpit bow seating as well as a bow table and filler. All of the upholstered seating comes with Dri-Fast foam and mesh backing.

The moulded entertainment centre in the cockpit comes with a sink, faucet, trash can, drink holder, 12V, 2.3ft3 FRP insulated cockpit refrigerator with temperature control and a fibreglass cockpit table with dedicated storage. Additional features of the cockpit include a freshwater wash with hot/cold mixing valve and pull-out sprayer, optional hardtop port and starboard Bomar® hatches, port and starboard forward coaming boxes, a JL Audio entertainment system, and strategically placed storage and accent lighting.

At the end of the day, you want protection for your vessel and you’ve got it with a white bow tonneau cover.


At the moulded fibreglass aft-tilting helm of the DC 295 you’ll find:Pursuit DC295 helm

  • your instrumentation visor
  • electronics mounting surface
  • fold-out fibreglass foot rest and platform
  • stainless steel steering wheel with grip cover
  • factory-installed Garmin marine electronics
  • main switches
  • 12V panel with illuminated Carling rocker switches
  • trim tab control panel and indicator
  • compass
  • waterproof stereo remote
  • 12V outlet and dual USB charger
  • fire extinguisher
  • glove box
  • Yamaha Command Link Plus Display

Added to the helm, you’ll find that this DC 295 has the complete Garmin package. This includes a GPSMAP 8612XSV, Airmar B175M 20 Degree 1kW Chirp Transducer, NMEA 2000 starter kit, Pursuit custom dash panel, VHF 315, VHF antenna and a Garmin Radar GMR 18 xHD (dome).

Port-side Console

The features of the port-side console of the DC 295 include gunwale seating to your 2-piece fibreglass door, cabin entry step, moulded hull liner with drainage, moulded console deck liner, configurable storage, overhead lighting, the main distributionPursuit DC295 - half throttle panel with voltage display, electrical outlets, fire extinguisher, CO monitor, and removable cushions.


The starboard head aboard the DC 295 has a patented single-motion, dual-action console access door, cabin entry step, moulded fibreglass interior, moulded sink with Corian countertop, vanity mirror, under sink storage, and toilet tissue holder. The electric marine head has a 10-gallon holding tank.

Fishing Features

Rounding out our roundup of key features on board the Pursuit DC 295 is all of its fishing features, including it numerous stainless steel rod holders, 22-gallon recirculating insulated livewell, port and starboard under gunwale rod storage options, insulated fish boxes, and port and starboard diaphragm pumps with overboard discharge.

Pursuit Protection Plan

Every brand new Pursuit power boat, including the DC 295, comes with a variety of transferable warranties as part of the Pursuit Promise. Enjoy prolonged peace of mind with your:

  • Five-year hull and deck structural warranty
  • Five-year blister-free warranty
  • Two-year limited warranty

The Pursuit DC 295 is now available in the Pacific Northwest through Van Isle Marina. Come and see this beauty of a boat (decked out with all her options!) on display at the BC Boat Show in Sidney from April 30 to May 3, 2020. Contact one of our yacht brokers for more information, or come see us anytime so we can show you this special boat in person. You can also read more about the Pursuit DC 295’s electrical, mechanical, fuel, and water systems, as well as find more photos on our dedicated DC 295 webpage.

All Pursuit Boats are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. In addition to Pursuit’s Dual Console models, the company also has an impressive line of offshore models we would love to introduce you to.

As Western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Pursuit Boats, the team here at Van Isle Marina loves matching boaters with the best Pursuit model for their needs. Come see us anytime at 2320 Harbour Road in Sidney, BC to learn more. We are also Western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Riviera yachts and have plenty of pre-owned boats for you to tour as well.

Find out how to get here.

Pursuit OS355 Offshore at Van Isle Marina

Introducing the 2020 Pursuit OS 355

The 2020 Pursuit Offshore 355 Has Arrived at the Van Isle Marina Sales Dock

As Western Canada’s exclusive dealer for Pursuit Boats, the sales team here at Van Isle Marina is pleased to welcome the latest Pursuit power boat model to our sales dock – the 2020 Pursuit Offshore OS 355.  We will be showcasing this stunning vessel at the upcoming Vancouver International Boat Show from February 5-9, 2020 in Vancouver. To tide you over until then, we hope you enjoy a sneak peek inside this exciting addition to our sales dock.

Key Features of the 2020 Pursuit Offshore 355Pursuit Boats - Offshore 355 (OS 355) - Back side

The Pursuit OS 355 is the mid-size model in Pursuit’s Offshore Collection, with the additional models being the OS 325 and the OS 385. This model’s styling is timeless and classic while introducing a few modern features that are designed as much for offshore cruising as they are for fishing and other water sports.

We know you’ll enjoy all the cleverly disguised storage features and convertible seating and amenities on board, including the electrically actuated convertible berth/dinette in the cabin. And for safety’s sake, the fire suppression system on board adds peace of mind. Let’s check out everything the OS 355 has to offer:

Pursuit power boats are known for their hand-laminated hulls, infused fibreglass and foam-filled structural grids, and moulded hull side frameless tempered glass windows. The OS 355 also comes with Pursuit Fresh White gelcoat and a 5-ply resin-infused composite transom system with a patented transom reinforcement grid.

Designed right into the hull are transom platform extensions and a boarding ladder.  There is a dedicated transducer location, bow thruster, and 1,100-gph bilge pump with an automatic float switch.


Pursuit Boats - Offshore 355 (OS 355) - motors

The newly arrived OS 355 is equipped with twin Yamaha XTO Offshore 425 hp 5.6 L V8 four stroke outboard engines and direct fuel injection. You’ll also get custom built fuel lines with mechanically crimped fittings and a Yamaha water-separating fuel filter with primer bulbs for each engine.


The wide-open, self-draining cockpit of the Pursuit OS 355 offers up a lot of space for fishing, as well as fold-away transom seating for entertaining. Here you’ll also find moulded port bridge lounge seating with aft and forward facing options and foldable armrests. (All the cockpit seating is upholstered with Dri-Fast foam and mesh backing.)

Within the cockpit there is also a JL Audio entertainment system and a mini galley with a sink, cutting board, electric grill, storage, and refrigerator/freezer with fibreglass lid. On the floor you’ll find the cockpit machinery access hatch and nearby there is a freshwater wash with hot/cold mixing valve and pull-out sprayer at the transom door.


With our new OS 355 you get a truly appointed enclosed helm station where you will find the centre-mounted stainless steel steering wheel, main switches, bow thruster joystick, 12V panel with illuminated Carling rocker switches, compass, waterproof stereo remote, and Yamaha Command Link Plus Display. Factory options selected on this build are the factory-installed Garmin Package (Dual GPSMAP 8612 [1XSV], Airmar B175M 20 Degree 1KW Chirp Transducer, NMEA 2000 Starter kit, Pursuit Custom Dash Panel, Yamaha Gateway w/cable, VHF 315, and VHF Antenna), and Garmin Radar Open Array GM 424xHD2, You’ll have comfortable access to everything from your swivelling captain’s chair with its drink holders and fold-away armrests and footrest.


Pursuit Boats - Offshore 355 (OS 355) - front

Another great feature of the OS 355 is its fully integrated moulded fibreglass hardtop that covers the helm station and comes with an integrated visor; dedicated radar, antenna and outrigger locations; and an optional, electronically actuated, one-touch sunshade that offers everyone on board additional comfort and protection from the sun.


One of the stand-out features of the OS 355 is its custom windshield system with optically clear laminated glass, tempered side glass with infused fibreglass frame, and an electrically actuated centre vent window. The windshield system comes complete with pantographic windshield wipers, a freshwater washer system, and a three-piece drop curtain.

Within the windshield area there is also integrated life jacket storage, integrated overhead glove boxes, screened ventilation hatches, a horn, and a trumpet.


Pursuit Boats - Offshore 355 (OS 355) - Galley

The beauty and comfort of the OS 355 continues down below in the cabin. A moulded acrylic access door with a secondary framed screen door leads to your cabin entry steps with your custom handrail and wood treads. Down in the cabin you will find custom solid wood tongue and groove floor accents, drainage and sound-damping insulation, and interior air-conditioning with a reverse cycle heat and sound shield.

The stand-out feature in the cabin is the electrically actuated V-berth seating section with its fixed cushions that converts to a queen berth. This area also triples as the dining area, with the solid wood table with power adjustable pedestal. Here you can take time to eat, socialize, sleep, or just relax and enjoy your 28-inch LED TV with JL Audio stereo speakers.

All around you in the cabin there will be storage, including the forward gunwale storage shelves, forward outboard storage compartments, in-floor storage, mid-berth hanging locker, mid-berth horizontal storage, and cedar-lined hanging locker. The cabin area is rounded out nicely with the forward hardwood framed accent mirror and the forward curtained hull side windows to port and starboard.


The starboard designer bathroom is enclosed in fibreglass and features a Corian countertop, glass bowl designer sink, wood-framed entrance door, full length mirror, full height linen closet, towel rack, vanity storage, toilet, and shower. The door to the linen closet pulls double duty – just slide it over and it acts as the privacy door to the shower.


The port galley is gorgeous and fully equipped with modern appliances and touches. You’ll have access to everything you need to prepare gourmet meals anywhere you go in your OS 355, including a Corian countertop and backsplash, stainless steel sink with cutting board cover, upper and lower cabinets, stainless steel fridge and microwave, and dual burner glass cooktop.

Fishing Features

Rounding out our roundup of key features on board the Pursuit OS 355 is all of its fishing features, including multiple stainless steel rod holders, a 28-gallon recirculating livewell, under gunwale rod storage, additional horizonal rod storage in the cabin, insulated fish boxes, and a cockpit tackle centre. All these features and more make this model perfect for fishing trips.

The OS 355 is now available in the Pacific Northwest through the team here at Van Isle Marina. Contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable yacht brokers for more information.

The Pursuit Promise

Pursuit Boats - Offshore 355 (OS 355) - Front side

Pursuit Boats are designed, developed, and manufactured in the United States. Each model comes with yacht-quality amenities and transferable warranties. In addition to Pursuit’s Offshore models, the company also has an impressive line of award-winning dual console models, including the DC 295, which will also be showcased at the Vancouver Boat Show, alongside the OS 355 and OS 325.

See more Pursuit Boats available through Van Isle Marina.

At Van Isle Marina in Sidney, BC, we look forward to matching more boaters with the best Pursuit Boat for their boating needs. We’d love to chat more at an upcoming boat show, or you can come see us anytime and we will help you build your perfect Pursuit. We are located at 2320 Harbour Road. Find out how to get here.

Miami International Boat Show 2020

Miami International Boat Show 2020

Riviera to Debut the 505 SUV at the Miami Yacht Show in February

2020 Miami International Boat ShowPremier yacht builder, Riviera Australia, has an impressive lineup of yachts heading to the Miami International Boat Show next month. The company’s highly anticipated yacht lineup is always a gorgeous display, especially this year with the long-awaited world premiere of the all-new 505 SUV playing a starring role.

“Whether it’s fishing, diving, paddle-boarding, or simply relaxing with family and friends in the total luxury of the mezzanine, the new 505 SUV offers the best of all worlds and will be widely welcomed when she is unveiled at the Miami Yacht Show from February 13-17, 2020,” said Riviera Australia owner, Rodney Longhurst.

Joining the 505 SUV out on the water in Miami will be an additional six models from Riviera. Here is a closer look at the boats Riviera will be displaying at the show. All of these boats will become available in the Pacific Northwest this spring via Van Isle Marina.

Riviera 505 SUV – World PremiereRiviera yachts 505 SUV

Van Isle Marina first introduced you to the Riviera 505 SUV in October 2019, back when Riviera first announced it was nearing completion. The 505 SUV is a multi-functional cruising yacht with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large cockpit, and a fully covered mezzanine for comfort and privacy.

You’ll also love this model’s exceptionally redesigned hull and bowspirit. Excellent power-to-weight ratios, impressive fuel efficiency, and exhilarating bluewater performance and handling capabilities make this one a truly impressive model. Standard power comes from twin six-cylinder Volvo Penta D8 IPS 800 turbo diesels developing 600hp (441kw) apiece, mated to joystick controls (helm and cockpit) and twin 16-inch Volvo Penta Glass Bridge screens.

Additional Riviera Yachts Headed to Miami

Riviera 6000 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition

Riviera 6000SY (Sport Yacht) Series II Platinum Edition: For the driver who appreciates performance, this flagship of the Sport Yacht Collection combines a sleek, distinctive design with an exhilarating sporty performance and sports-inspired helm. With a hull length of 57 feet, the 6000SY features three beautiful staterooms and three designer bathrooms in the Presidential layout, or four staterooms and three bathrooms in the Classic design.

Riviera 4800SY (Sport Yacht) Series II Platinum Edition: The Riviera Sports Yacht 4800 has a hull length of 45 feet and features two beautiful staterooms and two designer bathrooms, putting her right in the sweet spot for cruising couples and young families. The large, flowing indoor and outdoor spaces of the 4800 result in a highly impressive sports yacht. Everything about the Series II is new, including a new cockpit wet bar, new galley benches, new saloon and cockpit lounges, new headlining, new fabrics, and much more.

Belize 66 Daybridge: The Belize 66 Daybridge offers a choice of three or four stateroom designs with three luxury bathrooms and the option of an additional crew quarters or utility room. The interior layout options and remarkable internal volume, superior level of appointment and craftsmanship, along with her exceptional planning and offshore performance, really set Belize apart.

Riviera 575 SUV: With a hull length of 56 feet, the Riviera 575 is the largest in the Riviera SUV line, featuring a grand-scale saloon, a substantially sized cockpit, and seating for up to four people at the helm with additional starboard side helm seats. Like the 525 SUV, the smartly designed one-level living layout of the 575 includes three luxurious staterooms and two designer bathrooms.

Riviera yachts 395 SUV

Riviera 395 SUV : The Riviera 395 SUV is 39 feet in length and has two staterooms, one bathroom, and plenty of convertible, custom features. This model feels so spacious with its smartly designed, one-level living layout. It’s the perfect option for new boaters, or those who are downsizing.

Riviera Open Flybridge 39: Joining the 43 and 45 Open Flybridges, this new style of flybridge combines class-leading sports looks and performance, with a sporty open flybridge and sports-influenced open cockpit. She’s compact and incredibly nimble, finely powered and superbly crafted. Enjoy two superbly appointed staterooms and a designer bathroom – all finely done up in true Riviera style.

Riviera Celebrates 40 Years of Boat-Building Excellence

In addition to the world-wide debut of the 505 SUV, Riviera Australia is also celebrating 40 years of boat-building excellence this year. “I am very much looking forward to 2020,” said Rodney. “We have three world premieres scheduled for the year as part of our 40th year celebrations, which all start in February in Miami Florida.”

Boat owners all over the world enthusiastically welcome every new model Riviera puts out, which Rodney says further inspires his team to continue to innovate and create quality yachts of distinction. Such constant innovations from Riviera are just one of the countless reasons why we here at Van Isle Marina are proud to be exclusive dealers of their luxury motor yachts.

Riviera’s Passion and Promise

This generation of motor yachts is being hailed as the finest the boatbuilder has created. “I am proud to say that our current model range of 20 individual yachts is the most refined that Riviera has ever created,” said Rodney. “This truly is a testament to our team’s in-depth research and development processes and the relentless pursuit of quality and excellence. Our passion is to deliver the boaters boat. The most seaworthy, comfortable, and opulent boating experience, both at anchor and at sea.

“Boat owners the world over have enthusiastically welcomed our new models which further inspires us to continue to innovate and create quality yachts of distinction,” added Rodney. “We look forward to showcasing our latest yachts at the Miami Yacht Show, which will allow boaters to experience for themselves our superior new models that are among the very finest in the world.”

About the Miami Boat Show

The Miami International Boat Show, happening February 13-17, 2020 at the Miami Marine Stadium, will feature more than 1,400 boats, making it the one of the world’s biggest destinations for boating enthusiasts looking to discover what’s new in boating and experience the newest makes and models. The show is produced by the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the world’s leading association representing the recreational boating industry.

Discover Riviera in Western Canada

Can’t make it down to Miami? Van Isle Marina, located in Sidney, BC near Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island, is Western Canada’s exclusive authorized dealer of Riviera motor yachts. Riviera Yachts, including those making their first appearances at the Miami Boat Show, are one of our many areas of expertise, and we would be happy to share more information with you about experiencing a Riviera for yourself. Learn more about our yacht sales process.

You can also check out the Vancouver Boat Show, happening February 5-9, 2020, which will also have Riviera Motor Yachts in the water.

2020 Vancouver Boatshow

2020 Vancouver International Boat Show

Van Isle Marina will be Showcasing Riviera and Pursuit Models at this Year’s Show

The highly anticipated 56th annual Vancouver International Boat Show, happening February 5-9, 2020 at BC Place and Granville Island in Vancouver, is fast approaching – and we here at Van Isle Marina are excited to be returning for another year to display our 2019 Riviera and Pursuit boats this year.

Brought to recreational boaters in part by show owners, the Boating BC Association, and producer, Canadian Boat Shows, the Vancouver International Boat Show is a world-class show that draws large crowds of boating enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest.

The show is the province’s largest showcase for the recreational boating industry and brand new products coming up in 2020! It is suited for experienced and beginner boaters alike – with entire sections and exhibits dedicated to new boaters, and even to those who have never stepped foot on a boat before!

Throughout this 5-day show, hundreds of boats will be on display at two locations: inside at BC Place, and outside on the water at Granville Island. You’ll find Van Isle Marina staff at Granville Island (G-Dock) where our brokers will be happy to tour you around our boats on display.

We will be proudly showcasing these amazing boats at this year’s Vancouver International Boat Show:

Learn more about each of the boats we are bringing to the show:

2020 Pursuit OS 355Pursuit Yachts - Offshore 355

The 2020 Pursuit OS 355 arrived at our sales dock in December 2019, making it eligible for our New Dealer Discount. This 35-foot model has been expertly designed and has so many unique and special layout and design touches, including a single-piece optically clear windshield, large and stylish hull-side windows, electrically actuated convertible berth/teak dinette, hidden storage space seemingly everywhere, and a wide variety of seating arrangements including a starboard-side folding gunwale seat.

As for power, the OS 355 comes with twin Yamaha XTO Offshore 425 hp 5.6 L V8 four stroke motors with direct fuel injection. Owners will also appreciate this model’s complete and robust Garmin navigation package, joystick control, and heaps of features for fishing, including rod holders, tackle storage, and a cleverly disguised livewell.

2020 Pursuit OS 32532' Pursuit OS325 Offshore 2020

The 2020 Pursuit OS 325, now available at our sales dock and eligible for our New Dealer Discount and Dealer Financing, is a perfectly sized package of innovation and excellence. Like all Pursuit Offshores, the 325 delivers finely engineered features combined with an elegant, yacht-caliber exterior.

At the Boat Show in Vancouver, enjoy this 32-foot model’s interior hardwoods, solid stock trim, modern fabrics, teak bridgedeck table, cockpit chill plate, cockpit grill, canvas upgrade, underwater lighting, 3-piece drop enclosure, fishing features, and port-side folding under gunwale seat. This model also comes with a high-end navigational equipment package from Garmin and twin F300 600 hp (447 kw) engines.

2020 Pursuit DC 29529' Dual Console Pursuit

The 2020 Pursuit DC 295 arriving in January 2020, making it one of our newest models on offer. It is also eligible for our New Dealer Discount. But more than just a discount, this model comes with tons of other notable features and perks. First off, the Pursuit DC 295 has won awards in the dual console category, catching the eyes of judges for its unparalleled style, superior design, performance, and amenities.

Features of note aboard the 29-foot 2020 Pursuit DC 295 include her integrated hardtop, crystal clear tempered windshield, convertible seating (including bow seating and port-side gunwale seat), Garmin navigation system, fishing features, and seemingly endless storage space. The DC 295 runs on twin F300 600 hp (447 kw) engines. The wide-open layout allows plenty of space for water sports, fishing, diving, and entertaining.

The model we are bringing to the show also comes several factory options, including an insulated cockpit refrigerator and grill, fiberglass cockpit table, bow table with bow filler, underwater lights, upgraded side curtains, drop curtain, and a bow tonneau cover.

43 Riviera Open Flybridge 201943' Riviera Flybridge 2019

The 43 Open Flybridge from Riviera – Australia’s most awarded luxury boat builder – is perfect for cruising, fishing, and entertaining. It features plenty of space for guests with three levels of living space, large cockpit, mezzanine lounge, two designer staterooms, two bathrooms, a full galley and breakfast bar, saloon, wide side decks, and optional BBQ and laundry areas. Upstairs on the open flybridge you’ll find a hardtop, regular and L-shaped lounges, wet bar, and spacious helm.

The 43 Open Flybridge, like other Rivieras in its class, comes with a highly regarded Volvo Penta IPS, and standard power via twin Volvo Penta D6-IPS600s delivering 435 hp (320kw) each. This allows for a top speed of around 31 knots and a range of 340 nautical miles from its 476-gallon tank. Owners will also appreciate this model’s easy joystick control and complete navigational system from Garmin.

Van Isle Marina is the exclusive dealer of Riviera and Pursuit Power Boats in Western Canada and we are excited to show off everything that drew us to these beautiful boats at the upcoming Vancouver Boat Show! Don’t miss your chance to do a walkthrough of these impressive boats and experience these stunning vessels in person – everyone who tours a Riviera yacht or Pursuit boat ends up falling in love, and we can’t wait to show you why.

More Things To Do at the Vancouver Boat Show

If you’ve been to the Vancouver Boat Show before, you know it’s more than just a chance to see some beautiful boats. For us, it’s not just the hundreds of boats we look forward to seeing at the Vancouver Boat Show – it’s all the seminars, demonstrations, new product displays, prizes packages, and networking with other boating enthusiasts that we enjoy, and know you will too!

In addition to the boats – both on display at BC Place and on the water at Granville Island, don’t miss the more than 125 presentations to choose from throughout the week, including seminars, workshops, and cooking demonstrations. The Boat show is a family friendly event, with additional exhibits like Twiggy the Squirrel, Women’s Day, and the UBC Sailbot (autonomous sailboat) Engineering Team. There will also be free boat rides taking place, emergency spill response educational opportunities, and tours of the RCM-SAR’s New Falkins Class Type II Vessel.

2020 Vancouver International Boat Show Hours

From February 5-9, 2020 the Vancouver Boat Show runs:

  • Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 8:00pm
  • Sunday from 10:00am to 5:00pm

Note that the Granville Island Floating Show closes at 5:30 each day.


Tickets to the 2020 Vancouver Boat Show are available online or at the door. Day passes are $15. Two-day passes for $20 or five-day passes for $25 are also available. Special rates apply for children and seniors. Rates include free rides via shuttle buses and water ferries from BC Place to Granville Island and back again throughout the show.

We look forward to meeting you at Granville Island, G-Dock for the Vancouver Boat Show!

Learn more about the Vancouver International Boat Show.

Learn more about Van Isle Marina – we are one of the largest full-service marinas in British Columbia.

How to choose the right yacht

Choosing the Right Yacht For Your Needs

On the Market for Your First Yacht? Here are 10 Things to Ask Yourself

There are a lot of different types of yachts out there. Here’s how to narrow down the selection and find the right yacht for you.

While it’s tempting to go off things like looks and speed alone, there’s plenty more that goes into deciding on your first yacht. Check out our quick guide for first-time yacht buyers, designed to help you choose the best yacht for your needs.

Deciding on what type of yacht to buy starts with the answers to a few quick questions, such as:sailing yachts vs motor yachts

1. Would you prefer a sailing yacht or a motor yacht?

Yachts are divided into two main categories: sailing yachts and motor yachts. A sailing yacht offers a quieter ride and a more economical method of powering your vessel (the wind!) while a motor yacht is faster, more intuitive to operate for many, and typically has more accommodation and entertaining space on board.

Determining if you want to buy a sailing yacht or a motor yacht helps you eliminate half the yachts on the market!

2. How will you be spending the majority of your time on your yacht?

Today’s yachts are built for many different purposes, such as fishing, watersports, cruising, entertaining, year-round living, or a combination of all of the above. If you’ll mainly be using your yacht for fishing, for example, look for a boat with a large self-draining cockpit, several storage bins for your tackle, and even rod holders.

Sporting yachts will have large swim platforms and lots of storage for equipment, while yachts built for long-range cruising and entertaining might have crew quarters or an extra bedroom. Yachts intended for year-round living will have extras like laundry machines, a dishwasher, and a larger power supply and water-holding capacity.

3. How far and how fast would you like to go?selecting a yacht - van isle marina

The answer to this question dictates things like how much fuel and water-holding capacity you’ll need on board, as well as how powerful your motors ought to be. There are yachts intended specifically for long-range cruising that are quieter and have better fuel consumption, for example.

If you’ll be at sea for long durations of time, consider a model that provides plenty of protection from the elements beyond that just offered on the accommodation level, so you can still entertain and enjoy the views.

4. What is your budget?

When budgeting for a yacht, you must account for things like moorage fees, fuel fees, insurance fees, repair and maintenance fees, and add-ons like safety equipment, tenders, and anchors – these costs might factor into how much you should realistically be spending on your boat.

In general, the bigger the budget, the bigger and newer the yacht, but a larger budget doesn’t always equal a larger boat. For example, you might opt for something newer with more luxury features but sacrifice a bit in the size of the yacht. So, determine your budget first, then your priorities. If funds are limited, decide:

  1. new and luxurious, but smaller; or
  2. older and simpler, but larger?

5. Are you comfortable with an older model, or prefer brand-new?

The answer to this question goes hand in hand with the question regarding your budget. The pros and cons of buying a new vs. used yacht are the same as buying any used vehicle. If you decide to buy used, be sure to read our guide to Buying a Pre-Owned Yacht to understand what’s involved in the process.

6. How experienced are you operating a boat?

If you are a new boater and ease of operation is high on your list of wants and needs, look for a yacht model that touts features such as single-interface touchscreen technology and EJS joystick manoeuvrability that make navigation and docking a breeze. Likewise, you may want to skip some of the added features like side thrusters until you get a handle on the basics.

If you’ll be giving up the captain’s chair to other people from time to time, it becomes more important to look for a yacht that is simple and intuitive to operate.

7. Who will be spending the most time on your yacht?choosing the right yacht - family activities

Think about who you will be bringing on board your yacht. If you’ll be entertaining guests frequently, room for everyone to spread out and enjoy themselves should be high on the priority list. Find this level of luxury on yachts with more than one entertainment zone. Open and enclosed flybridge models provide added entertaining space, as do the mezzanine areas of several luxury yacht models on the market right now.

If seniors and children will be on board, you’ll want enhanced safety features all around – things like lots of lighting, plenty of handrails, and wide side decks can help guests feel safe. Wheelchair accessibility is another thing to keep in mind.

8. Will you be spending a lot of overnights on your yacht?

Most yachts have at minimum a queen-sized berth that sleeps 2 comfortably. If you plan on yachting with friends and family overnight, you’ll want something with enough sleeping quarters for everyone – but this doesn’t always equate to a guest room. Sometimes a convertible day bed can meet everyone’s needs.

Yachts in the 45 to 65 foot range have up to four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with enough convertible lounges and daybeds to comfortably sleep 8-16 people.

9. How big of a boat do you realistically need?

Remember that the bigger the boat, the bigger the fuel consumption in many cases. Also in some cases, bigger boats are tougher to navigate, especially if you’ll be moored at a busy marina. And if you’ll be storing on dry land, you’ll need to consider storage options large enough for your yacht. If you’re new to boating, you might consider a small yacht first, then upgrade to a larger yacht.

10. Will you be wanting to re-sell your yacht down the road?Sporting Yacht with swim platform

Ask your yacht broker for advice on the re-sale value of the models that have caught your eye. Some makes and models are in high demand but short supply due to limited numbers in production – meaning they will hold their value well into the future. If you plan on selling in a few years, consider re-sale value before buying.

Additional Tips for Choosing the Right Yacht

In some ways, buying a yacht is just like buying anything else – you’re going to feel better making such a large investment if you know you are making an informed, educated decision – so do your homework:

Read Boating Magazines and Blogs – These resources are gold mines of tips and tricks for yacht enthusiasts looking to make their first purchase.

Go to Boat Shows – Boat shows are your best chance to see hundreds of boats up close and personal. There is bound to be a few boats calling your name at each boat show you attend.

Ask Around – If you’re touring a marina and happen upon a boat owner tending to their vessel at the dock, strike up a conversation and learn more about their yacht and what they like about it. Most boaters will be happy to share.

Read Reviews – Whether they’re online or in those yachting magazines, read what other people are saying about their yachts.

Consult a Broker   Consult a yacht broker through your local marina who can connect you with owners of pre-owned yachts, review current stock with you, or present you with options that are not even on the market yet!

Take a look at Van Isle Marina’s boat and yachts for sale to start your search today! To learn more about any listed vessel, please contact us at 250.656.1138 or Our experienced yacht brokers can help you choose the right yacht to fit your yachting lifestyle.