Spring Checklist: Engines & Fuel Systems

Checking your engines and fuel systems is an important step in your spring maintenance.  Following these tips will help to ensure that your boat is ready for cruising.

  • Inspect fuel lines, including fill and vent hoses, for softness, brittleness or cracking
  • Check all joints for leaks and make sure all lines are well supported with non-combustible clips or straps with smooth edges
  • Inspect cooling hoses and fittings for stiffness, rot, leaks and/or cracking.  Make sure they fit snugly and are double-clamped
  • Every few years, remove and inspect exhaust manifold for corrosion
  • Clean and tighten electrical connections, especially both ends of battery cables.  Wire-brush battery terminals and fill cells with distilled water
  • Inspect bilge blower hose for leaks

Please consult your boat’s operating manual before conducting any suggested actions.

Other useful sites that provide complete Spring Checklists:

If you require any assistance in your spring maintenance, please contact our Marina Services Representatives.  Our Yacht Park is also available for half and full haul-outs and is a full and self service yard.  Our Haul-out Video is an excellent introduction to the haul-out process and is available for viewing.

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