Boats Afloat Show in Seattle, September 14-18, 2011

Join Greg Andrew, one of Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Brokers, at the Boats Afloat Show in Seattle, September 14-18, 2011.  Greg Andrew and Emerald Pacific Yachts will be at the Riviera display at Chandler’s Cove Marina at Lake Union.  Drop by and receive a tour of the Riviera vessels on display.

The Boats Afloat Show has vessels ranging from sport boats to sailboats and trawlers to mega yachts.  This is a fun and entertaining event for boat enthusiasts and with such a wide selection of vessels, it is an excellent place for those looking to purchase their first boat.


  • Adults $12
  • Three Day Pass $18
  • Kids ages 11-17 $5

The Boats Afloat Show is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily.  Please visit the Boats Afloat Show for further details.

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