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Best Boats for Fishing

Everything You Need to Know to Pick the Right Fishing Boat At Van Isle Marina we are often asked which are the best boats for fishing. The simple answer is that any watercraft that gets you on the water is a good start, but if you want to buy a boat that enhances and supports […]

West Coast Whale Species and How to Identify Them

Your Complete Guide to Whales of the Pacific One of the great things about living on the west coast is that we are privy to an amazing diversity of wildlife that includes the whales of the Pacific.   If you are a boater, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen seals, dolphins, transient or resident orcas […]

What Length Boat is Right for Me?

A Guide to Picking Your Perfect Boat Length If you are new to boating or looking to purchase your first yacht, you may wonder which boat length is the right one to choose.  Getting a boat that is the right size is key to being able to enjoy life on the water. You want to […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Boating Flags and Their Uses

Boat Flags Meaning and Proper Use While walking the marina docks, you may have noticed that the yachts and boats moored there display several boating flags.  These little pieces of cloth are actually an important communication tool for boaters and port authorities alike, as they are a quick and simple way to convey a message. […]

Squid Fishing Around Vancouver Island

All You Need to Know About Fishing for Squid If you are fond of fishing and the taste of calamari, you might want to try your luck at squid fishing. Although these cephalopods are not as large or visible as their fishy friends, they are relatively easy to catch around Vancouver Island. Unlike common catches […]

The Best Swimming Spots on Vancouver Island for Boaters

Swimming Holes Accessible by Boat on Vancouver Island If you are looking for boat-accessible swimming holes, Vancouver Island is the place to be. Filled with numerous rivers, lakes and beaches that are accessible only by boat, there are many places to anchor your boat to go for a safe and exhilarating swim. Here’s a list […]

How to Clean a Bilge Pump on a Boat

Boat bilge pumps, like any machinery, require regular maintenance and cleaning. A bilge pump that is clogged or damaged may not work, which could mean that your boat sustains damage or even sinks in extreme cases. Knowing what your bilge pump does and how to clean it properly is essential to prevent this.  What is […]

Boat Camping Around Vancouver Island

Where and How to Camp by Boat Camping by boat might not be what comes to mind when you think about heading into the great outdoors. Usually, it involves planning when and where you want to go before packing everything into your car, not your boat. But, for boat owners, camping can take on a […]

Best Boat For Water Sports

A Guide to the Best Boats For Your Summer Water Sports What’s the best boat for water sports? Let’s find out!  As summer heats up, there are plenty of ways to cool down in the water including lots of fun water sports. Spending your summer by the lake or the ocean means lots of opportunities […]

Boat Distress Flares – What They Are and Why You Need Them

The Essential Safety Equipment you need for any Boating Trip Boat distress flares are one of those things that no one really thinks about until they need it. Being out on the water can be a wonderful way to spend a day, a week, or even a month. There is nothing quite like enjoying the […]