Easy and Delicious Make-Ahead Boating Meals

easy and delicious boating meals

Best Boat Food Recipes

Most of us have an arsenal of easy and delicious meals to make in our kitchens at home. But what about food while you’re out on the boat? Here are a few make-ahead boat meals to bring out on the boat for a quick dinner with limited supplies! Cooking while at sea is part of the adventure. Prepare for your voyage as if you were camping in the woods: space is limited, as are fuel and refrigeration, so planning ahead is critical. In a galley kitchen, you will be lucky to get two burners on the stove, let alone an oven or a microwave. A tiny sink will give you barely enough room to wash a cup–large pots and pans will act as washbasins by themselves–so plan your menus accordingly. Here are a few food recipes that, whether you are on a fishing boat or a yacht, will ensure that your crew gets a tasty, nourishing meal without a lot of prep or cleanup time.

Chipotle Style Chicken Burrito Bowls

  • Make the chicken and rice ahead of time – it tastes better cold!
  • Purchase pre-shredded cheese and canned or jarred salsa for topping.
  • Feel free to add or subtract any ingredients you want – this bowl is good no matter what is in it.

Crunchy Thai Quinoa 

  • Make the quinoa (or chow mein noodles if you prefer) ahead to time so they are cooled and ready.
  • I use soy Peanut Butter but this recipe would be just as delicious with the real thing.
  • Purchase bagged broccoli slaw with carrot to save some time.
  • Add chicken for some added protein
  • Serve cold or at room temperature

BLT Balsamic, Chicken, Avocado & Feta Salad

  • Fry bacon, cook chicken and make salad dressing ahead of time.
  • Grab a baguette or your favorite bread for sopping up the delicious dressing.

Chicken Marbella

  • This meal freezes incredibly well, make it ahead of time and throw it in the oven when you’re ready.
  • Serve with rice, pasta or by itself.
  • Prunes and capers might seem like an odd combination, when cooked together with chicken they create a delectable sweet and sour, savory flavor.

Best Ever Quinoa Chili

  • You simply cannot go wrong with chili, add ground turkey or take out the quinoa, whatever you prefer!
  • This recipe is much better made in advance so the flavours can really mix.
  • Add avocado, sour cream or cheese on top.
  • Serve with bread or on its own.

Food (and beverages!) are arguably the most important part of packing for a boat trip, whether you will be gone for a day or a month. Whether you head out on a day trip or are out for a week, there are a number of easy boat food recipes that can be prepped at home and simply assembled when you are ready for them at sea. What are some of your favorite boat food recipes to bring out on the boat?

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