Jespersen Building Demolition

It’s the end of an era. On Wednesday, May 31st the demolition of the old Jespersen Boat Builders building at the top of A Dock began. Taking the first bittersweet swing with the excavator was Bent Jespersen’s granddaughter and Eric Jespersen’s daughter, Emma Jespersen, Van Isle Marina’s Moorage Coordinator. Since then Draycor Construction has been working tirelessly to remove the tin, pilings and wood, and fill the hole with large boulders. What’s next for the area at the top of A Dock? Over the next few weeks we will be landscaping and creating a green space for all marina guests to enjoy. This demolition is only one of the exciting improvements to come at Van Isle Marina. We are revitalizing the South Island Marine building, as well as gearing up to build some new boathouses and slips from 25 to 35 feet. Stay tuned for further exciting updates!

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