Riviera 515 SUV Boat Show Prep

Our new Riviera 515 SUV arrived on a container ship from Australia on Saturday, January 17th. It’s very exciting when these stunning boats arrive, even more so when we have a few days to get it ready for TWO different boat shows! Here’s a snapshot of what our Yacht Services, Detailing, and Brokerage teams have been up to the last couple of days to prepare for the Vancouver International Boat Show and the Seattle Boat Show.

IMG_2129_editIMG_2154_editIMG_2141_editIMG_2164_editIMG_2197_edit  IMG_2135_editIMG_2161_edit
IMG_2158_edit  IMG_2168_edit IMG_2176_edit IMG_2180_edit IMG_2193_edit   IMG_2204_edit