Winterizing Your Boat: Exterior (Hull)

We are fortunate to be located in a place where boating can be a year-round activity.  However, it is still important to winterize your boat for the season.  Throughout the year, blisters, cracks, barnacles and other sea growth can build up on the hull and it needs special attention during the winterizing process.

Here are some helpful tips for winterizing the hull:

  • Haul-out your boat and pressure wash the hull
  • Clean off the barnacles and sea growth from props and shafts, struts and trim tabs
  • Check for stress cracks, blisters and other damage
    • Drain blisters and patch with appropriate filler
    • For serious damage, consult a professional
  • If aluminum hull, bang out dents with rubber mallet
  • Treat the hull with a 3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax
  • Open seacocks to allow water to drain
  • Use a proper boat cover to protect from cold temperature damage

Please consult your boat’s operating manual before conducting any suggested actions.

Other useful sites for winterizing tips:

Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Park is also available to help you winterize your boat this season. Our Brownell submersible trailer can haul-out up to 70ft vessels. Contact our Marina Services Representatives to book your appointment today at 250-656-1138.

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