Winterizing Your Boat: Fuel System

Van Isle Marina Yacht Sales

Properly treating your fuel system is an important step in winterizing your boat for the season.  Fill your tanks leaving as little room as possible.  Once full, treat the fuel with a biocide (for diesels) or a stabilizer (for all engines) and run the engine for 10 minutes to circulate the fuel throughout.  This will protect the fuel from breaking down during the winter months and clogging the engine. (Please consult your boat’s operating manual before conducting any suggested actions.)

Visit Van Isle Marina’s Fuel Dock to take advantage of our Volume Fuel Discount Program which will save you money when topping up your tanks.

Other useful sites for winterizing tips:

Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Park is also available to help you winterize your boat this season.  Our Brownell submersible trailer can haul-out up to 70ft vessels.  Contact our Marina Services Representatives to book your appointment today at 250-656-1138.

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