Winterizing Your Boat: Interior

When winterizing your boat, it is important to not only winterize the exterior and engines, but also to winterize the interior.  You don’t want to return to your boat in the Spring to find a forest of mildew and other bacteria growing inside.

Here are some helpful tips for winterizing the interior:

  • Remove all electronics, valuables, fire extinguishers, PFDs, etc.  The cold and dampness in the air can cause problems for some of these items and it is also an excellent time to have them cleaned and checked.
  • Place all cushions in an upright position to help with air flow.  Or better yet, bring them home so that they are in a controlled climate over the winter months.
  • Clean the fridge and freezer, turn them off and leave the doors open during the winter months.
  • Clean the washrooms and drain the sinks and showers.
  • To prevent moisture in the air, install a dehumidifier or use odor and moisture absorbing products.
  • Place electric Air Dryers or fans to assist in creating air movement which will diminish the potential for mold and mildew.

Please consult your boat’s operating manual before conducting any suggested actions.

Other useful Sites for winterizing tips:

Van Isle Marina’s Yacht Park is also available to help you winterize your boat this season. Our Brownell submersible trailer can haul-out up to 70ft vessels. Contact our Marina Services Representatives to book your appointment today at 250-656-1138.

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